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Our business is well planned international journeys.
We’re real people who have done real travel throughout the 7 continents

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Founded in 1972 on Pequot Avenue in the center of Southport, CT - now in Fairfield, CT - assists travelers throughout Fairfield County to our areas of expertise - Europe, Southern & Eastern Africa and the Caribbean.

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About the Owner - Fred Waugh             

Travel Experience  


Fred’s had the good fortune to travel extensively throughout all 7 continents - accomplishing this between the ages of 17 and 40.
He also lived in London and Paris by age 22 and has traveled throughout Africa in over 30 trips to date. Needless to say, he has extensive professional experience traveling outside the US - which is extremely helpful and in many ways critical in the level of details used in creating his clients best travel experiences.
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In addition to his travel, another key to his success with clients is having worked for 3 decades with foreign partners with professional areas of expertise and local knowledge. This gives his clients access to unique places and events, top quality guides, and experiences only natives understand are most important.
Fred’s Travel Map.

Those Red Dots?…..Fred Waugh’s travel’s

Those Red Dots?…..Fred Waugh’s travel’s


Fred's volunteer work with the Near & Far Aid Association was initially a two year plan - which turned into a 15 consecutive year affair. During this time, Fred managed to raise in excess of $2 million for the organization.  He brought luxury travel to some great people for an extraordinary event -  the annual Near & Far Aid Spring Gala.