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If you choose France, England, Italy or anywhere else in Europe - we’re excited to help you. We know how 30 plus years experience of collaboration with travelers has benefitted you in the past with not only getting things done, but getting things you personally want and thinking creatively to find treasures you might not have anticipated.

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Our Experience?

Seven continents
79 countries
Lived & worked in Paris and London
Driven throughout Europe
30+ African Safaris
Skied French, Swiss, Austrian and Italian Alps
Sailed down the Nile
Sailed up the Bosporus
Rafted the Zambezi River
Ballooned the Masai Mara
Laid down with Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda
Rode camels in Egypt & Israel
Rode ostriches in S. Africa
Swam with hammerheads & 15 inch penguins in Galapagos
Highest - Climbed up to Everest base camp
Lowest - Floated in/on the Dead Sea
A bunch of other cool stuff
Made friends along the way!
Do that!

Make-a-Friend - We make at least one local friend in every country we visit. We keep in touch with them on occasion. Do that. Over 20 years, you will either bump into them in the most insane place… or you’ll need to flee the country and you’ll have a place to hang out! Or the other way round!

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